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Why is today’s youth so impatient and impatient? | Why is today’s youth so impatient and impatient?| Article by Ira Triwedi IV News

Aurangabad5 days ago

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Youth is energy, positivity, optimism, enthusiasm. Youngsters develop self-confidence, love to fight, youngsters want to work hard and get quick results and then they don’t forget to have fun. But, today, impatience is also increasing among the youth. They cannot concentrate properly. His interest in skill development is waning. Today’s youth are more impetuous than previous generations. She cannot devote enough time to learning a skill and keeps changing her current job. Today’s youth complain a lot about everything, be it work or surroundings. They even risk their careers due to impatience. However, patience is a quality that can bring about a radical change in your personality. It makes us a better person, makes our personality effective, we learn new things and do them better than others. A very interesting study was recently conducted in which young people were given the choice of whether they wanted a small benefit immediately or a large benefit a month later. Young immediately chose the small advantage. Researchers at Stanford University, the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, and the University of California, Berkeley sought to understand why today’s youth prefer short-term gain. Research has found that it is related to their brain mechanisms. Their minds do not understand tomorrow’s benefits, so they become very impatient and start looking for immediate results. However, today we live in an environment where immediate goals are required to be happy and successful.

Declining concentration, increasing ambition, instant gratification and inability to accept failure are increasing stress among the youth, leading to depression, psychosis and suicidal tendencies. We live in a world where there are stores for online delivery, entertainment is available at a click, and smartphones can do countless things according to our likes and needs. In comparison, stone or ancient youth had endless patience. They could wait days or weeks to hunt. The level of patience has gone down with each generation. Today we have come to the era where everything is done at the tip of our fingers. Now there is no need to wait for food, there is no need to stand in queues for goods and services and our lifestyle has become very fast in mechanical life.

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If the youth learn the importance of patience and practice it in their daily life, they can correct many of their mistakes. This will make their life easier, satisfied and happy and it will reduce the negative feelings of stress, anger, frustration. When we are patient, we are calm and can focus on the good things. Then we are ready to learn new things. Mastering the art of patience takes time and effort. If you have patience, you can easily accept your failures. Good things happen to those who wait for them.

(These are the personal views of the author.) Ira Trivedi Writer, columnist and yoga teacher [email protected]

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