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Who will have a heavy weight on Santrampur seat? Know – News18 Gujarati IV news

Gujarat Assembly Election (Gujarat Election) has arrived. Political parties including Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party as well as the Election Commission are also preparing for the upcoming assembly elections. A political uproar is being created even before the next election. As the Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) elections are approaching, dissidents in BJP and Congress are also slowly coming to the surface. So a large-scale defection may also be seen in the near future.

The upcoming assembly elections will be slightly different from the previous elections. This time, issues including inflation and corona may remain at the center stage. Apart from this, the Congress is also preparing to run a campaign against the policies of the BJP government at the center and the state. In the last election, the performance of Congress improved significantly. Then Congress is determined to perform better than that in the next election. On the other hand, the Bharatiya Janata Party is poised to regain the seats it lost last year and capture the same seats as the Congress stronghold. All the seats will be important in 2022 elections. Today, information has been given here about such an important seat i.e. Santrampur assembly seat.

Area under Santrampur Assembly Constituency

Chitwa, Bugad, Bugadna Muwada, Kanzara (Sant), Vyar, Paniyar, Bhana Seemal, Khedaya (Pratapgarh), Kunda, Bhamri, Seemlia, Sarad, Kotra, Moti Kyar, Nani Kyar, Kyaria, Pithapur ( Borwada), Nalai, Timbala, Bhandara, Batkwada, Molara, Ukhreli, Daliati, Bhindra, Sagawadia (Saint), Kanjara (Saint), Barikota, Panchani Muwadi, Metanana Muwada, Dotawada, Surpur, Mota Sarnaiya, Babarol, , Sangawada, Wadiya , Kasalpur, Undra, Moti Kharsoli, Wanta (Mahetana), Vaviana Muwada, Kasia, Asiwada, Chela Pagina Muwada, Gala Talavadi, Gamdi, Pagina Muwada, Kothina Muwada, Mowasa, Bwana Saliya, Dahela, Bhotwa, Limda Muwadi, Ranijini Paddi, The villages include Lalakpur, Garadia, Malanpur, Nana Natwa, Sada, Babarai, Hirapura, Vanjia Khunt, Narsinghpur. Apart from this, Kadana taluk also comes in this seat.

sitting position

Santrampur assembly seat falls in Mahisagar district. This seat is included under Dahod Lok Sabha seat. There are total 7 assembly constituencies in Dahod Lok Sabha seat. Apart from Santarampur, it includes Fatepura, Jhalod, Limkheda, Dahod, Garbada and Devgarhbaria. According to the 2011 census estimates, out of a total population of 310897, 93.74 percent of the population lives in rural areas, while 6.26 percent of the population lives in urban areas. The ratio of Scheduled Caste (SC) to Scheduled Tribe (ST) in this seat is 3.23 and 79.91 respectively. As per the 2019 electoral roll, this constituency has 216279 voters and 287 polling stations.

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It may be mentioned here that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the voter turnout was 61.89 percent, while in the 2017 assembly elections, the voter turnout was 67 percent. In 2017, BJP and Congress got 49.07 percent and 44.46 percent votes respectively. While in 2019, 53.63 percent and 41.6 percent votes were received respectively. At present, Jaswantsinh Sumanbhai Bhabhor is serving as the MP for Dahod (ST) Lok Sabha seat. When BJP’s Dr. Kuberbhai Dindor is the current MLA of Santrampur (ST) Assembly.

Past elections

Santrampur assembly seat has been elected 13 times since 1962. Congress candidates won most of the elections. BJP has managed to win this seat twice. In the last 2017 election, Bharatiya Janata Party Dr. Kuber gave the ticket to Dindor. Congress had stood Gendalbhai Damor against him, in this election Dr. Kuber got 68,362 votes. While Congress candidate Damor got 61938 votes. Dr. Kuber won by 6400 votes.

year The winning candidate party
2017 Dr. Kuber Dindor BJP
2012 Gendalbhai Damor Congress
2007 Paranjayaditya Singh Parmar Congress
2002 Prophet Pandya BJP
1998 Dr. Mansingh Bhamat Congress
1995 Dr. Mansingh Bhamat Congress
1990 Prophet Pandya JD
1985 Prophet Pandya JNP
1980 Damor brother-in-law Congress (I)
1975 Damor brother-in-law Congress
1972 Damor brother-in-law Congress
1967 KK Parmar Congress
1962 Virsing Bhabhor Congress

Similarly, in the 2012 elections, Congress fielded Gendalbhai Damor, while BJP gave ticket to Mansingh Bhamat. In this election, Congress candidate Damor got 68026 votes, while BJP candidate Mansingh got 43372 votes. The Congress candidate won with a huge majority.

Professor Dr. Kuberbhai Dindor enjoys ministership

The leaders of Santrampur Panthak did not get a place in the cabinet for long. But recently Dr. Kuberbhai Dindor was made a minister. He was delighted to be given the charge of Minister of State for Higher and Technical Education, Statutory and Parliamentary Affairs.

Professor Kuberbhai Dindor hails from a tribal family. He is a native of Bhandara village of Santrampur taluka. He was a social worker since his college days. Professionally, Professor Kuberbhai Didor works in Talodni College, Sabarkantha. They work hard for the economic, social and religious development of Panchmahal, Dahod and Mahisagar districts. A separate university for Central Gujarat. They were trying to get it. Highly educated Prof. Kuberbhai Dindor is a teacher and Ph.D. have done Formerly late of Santaramupar. Prabodhkant Pandya was the minister of home and education department of the state.

Caste Caste Equations

Majority of the population in Santrampur Panthak belongs to tribal community and reserved for ST. So here the selection of candidates is done that way. Adivasi Samaj candidates are selected by BJP and Congress. Tribal leaders have been joining the BJP for some time now. From this it can be said that the hold of Congress is decreasing in this constituency.

Congress leaders and workers joined BJP

Only a few months ago, around 1500 workers who had been working in the Congress party for years in Santrampur and Morwa Hadaf assembly constituencies joined the BJP. They wore the mantle of BJP under the chairmanship of MP from Dahod parliamentary constituency Jashwantsinh Bhabhor.

There were posters saying that MLA of Santrampur was missing

Santrampur MLA and Minister Dr. It appears that there is some public resentment against Kuberbhai Dindor. Not long ago posters were put up saying “Santrampur MLA is missing”. Due to this poster many questions were raised.

People’s questions

– The biggest issue in Santrampur is water. Many people are suffering from water problem.

– There is resentment among the tribals as they are being harassed by the analysis committee besides not getting the tribal certificate.

– The interior areas are said to be deprived of many basic facilities including health, sanitation, water.

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