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We happily eat ration rice with the family – the old lady told the minister! IV News

An elder praised Chakrapani, the food minister for the Tamil Nadu government and the chief minister, saying the rice offered in the shops is of good quality at a reasonable price and he happily eats it with his family.

Tamil Nadu Food Minister Chakrapani cut the ribbon and inaugurated a new fair price shop building under the constituency development fund of Pundi Kalaivanan, member of Thiruvarur Legislative Constituency, in Kulikkarai area under Perundarakkudi Panchayat in Tiruvarur district. He regularly checked the quality of rice offered at the fair price shop. Later he provided welfare assistance including rice and sugar to the beneficiaries.


An old lady named Amruthavalli, who had come to buy rice at that time, praised the Tamil Nadu government and the Chief Minister, saying that the rice offered in fair price shops is very good and she eats it well with her family. . Speaking on the programme, Food Minister Chakrapani said,

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β€œThe old lady who came here to buy rice praised us saying that the rice is very good. In the 14 months since taking over the government, we have fulfilled more than 200 out of 500 promises declared as election promises and Giving the rule of golden age to the people of Tamil Nadu.


Following this, Mathivanan, president of Perundharakudi Panchayat Parishad, requested the Tamil Nadu government to set up part-time shops in Kadambagudi, Kulikarai and Thoputura areas. The Food Minister of Tamil Nadu, through Deputy Secretary Public Distribution Scheme Fatima Sultan, announced that the part-time shop would be immediately divided.


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