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Voter Card-Addo Link: Niyam-Dinamani Coming Soon IV News

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Voter Card-Addo Link: Niyam-Dinamani Coming Soon

Sushil Chandra

Chief Commissioner Sushil Chandra has said that the Central Government will soon issue rules to link the evidence with the voter ID card.

The tenure of Commissioner Sushil Chandra ends on Saturday. In this context, AO told PTI in an interview:

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As the Chief Inquiry Commissioner, I have been responsible for implementing two major reforms. For one, January 1 was previously the only eligible time to register as a voter. At present it has been increased to 4 dates per year. You can register as a voter immediately after attaining the age of 18 years on the respective dates after the publication of the relevant rules.

The next important amendment is to link the Aadhaar number with the voter ID card. This bill was recently approved by the Parliament. This will help in detection and removal of fake ballot papers. Voter list can be changed more accurately.

The Board of Trustees of India has already sent a draft of rules to the central government to link the evidence with the voter ID card. It is expected that the central government will issue the rules soon. However, it is not mandatory to attach the details with the voter ID; The facility will be able to connect only those who want. However, the NAS concerned should give a clear reason for not linking the Aadhaar number.

The port authority can provide various services to the voters by linking the source to the voter ID card. For example, the date of poll along with the polling details can be sent to the voter’s mobile number.

Maintaining the orchard was a major challenge during the Corona spread. Dodge authority was also a major factor in the high prevalence of the corona vaccine in the dodge states. The Board of Trustees made sure voters, law enforcement and security officers were safe.

Various restrictions were imposed on ballot collection and voter registration to prevent the spread of the disease. Sushil Chandra said the restrictions were gradually eased after the disease spread.

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