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Viral Video From twitter wall fall on man at construction site – News18 Gujarati IV news

Accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. Due to which it is the responsibility of people to keep their eyes and ears open, many times a big mistake is made in carelessness, (Bizarre Video) in which there is nothing left but regret. Currently a video is going viral. This was such an incident that someone could die. (Wall fall on man Video)

Such weird videos are often shared on Twitter account ‘Best Video’. Sometimes videos of serious accidents with people are also shared, (Viral video Wall fall on Man) Recently, one such video was shared, in which an accident with a man is seen. He must have been lucky that his life was spared in this accident.

A wall fell on the man

In the video, a man is breaking down a wall inside a building with a hammer. In which a broken wall is seen from below. A person hammers many times, but there is no impact on the wall. Meanwhile another person is going to pass under the wall. As soon as he arrives, the wall breaks and falls directly on him. In this accident, the person is injured, but from his movements, it can be understood that he is alive. However, such an accident can also lead to death.

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People reacted to this video

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The video has received more than 1 lakh views, while many people have given their feedback by commenting. One person said that the person on whom the wall fell looked like he was the boss of the construction site. Good thing the wall fell on him, so he’ll remember to buy helmets for himself and the workers in the future.

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