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Viral Video: Chee is so bad ..! Dattaputrudi management..camerals cut and brutal .. IV News

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Viral Video: Chee is so bad ..! Dattaputrudi management..camerals cut and brutal ..

The incident took place at the Saroor Nagar police station in Hyderabad. A son brutally kills his mother. Jangayya and Bhudevi live in the P&T Colony. They adopted a young man named Sai Teja as they had no children. On Friday night, May 6, Jangayya slept on the ground floor. Mother Bhudevi and adopted son Sai Teja slept on the first floor. Everything is fine. However, Bhudevi was in a coma until Jangayya came up in the morning. When he tried to wake her, she was already dead. Then, Sai Teja disappeared. Saiteja fled with 30 grams of gold jewelery and Rs 10 lakh cash in the house. Jangayya immediately informed the police. Police said she died of suffocation after closing her nose and mouth. Saroor Nagar police were on high alert for Sai Teja. CCTV cameras have been cut in the house. Sai Teja, the son who killed his foster mother, seems to have cut the wires of the CCTV cameras in the house and fled to hide his landmarks. The incident caused a stir locally. Jangayya is in tears as his son, who was not Kanna’s son but was brought up with love, turned away from this atrocity. Bhudevi’s body was shifted to Osmania Hospital for postmortem.

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