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Vastu Astrology | Today’s Future, Sunday, 7 August 2022 IV News

today’s future- Sunday 07 August 2022
The fruit of the child born today-
A child born today will be playful and friendly, will have leadership qualities, will get some kind of higher education, will be hardworking, will pay special attention to parents, will be fond of traveling, will do business while doing job.
Sheep- Property related matters will be resolved, profitable business offers will be available, be alert from secret enemies, personal work will be appreciated.
Taurus- Time will be spent having fun with family members, new sources of income will be available, the work of the court will be completed, there will be a lot of hard work.
Gemini- With positive thinking and patience, you will overcome the difficult situation, there is a yoga of religious travel, there will be interest in writing, study and work, health related concerns will be removed.
Cancer- You will get better results in study work, avoid risky work, patient will be worried, family happiness will be achieved, mental satisfaction will be there.
Lion- People can be deceived by confusing them, be careful, you will get success in higher studies, there is a possibility of guest arrival. There will be an increase in effort.
Virgo- You will be successful in taking advantage of the contacts, you will get opportunities for progress, there will be contentment in happiness and prosperity, there will be sudden monetary gains.
Libra- Differences with life partner will be removed, there will be success in work plan, there will be enthusiasm in the mind, there will be a walk for entertainment etc.
Scorpio- Work will be done with the interaction of high officials, beneficial plans will come out, sudden expenses will increase, hard work will give good success.
Sagittarius- There will be happiness in domestic events, there will be a visit to a pleasant place with new people, you will get a good message, morale will increase, courage will increase.
Capricorn- You will have to run to get the work done for your loved ones, there is a chance of success in the political field, you will get the cooperation of the officers. Routine will be irregular.
Aquarius- Due to lack of funds, the plan may get disturbed, heavy expenditure on the goods of wealth is possible, good news will come, due to the arrival of unexpected visitors, expenses will increase.
Pisces- Family problems will be solved with the help of elders, will participate in domestic events, take care of health, there may be unnecessary disputes, you will get fame.
business future-
Jaggery, Khand, Barley, Chana, Jute, Pat, Bardana, Desi, Ghee, there will be recession, Cumin, Coriander, there may be increase or decrease due to the effect of Anuradha Nakshatra on Shravan Shukla Dashami, there will be softening later, future thoughts Trading will be beneficial on the market today at 10:44 minutes, the fate number is 1596.

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