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Too bad! 20 Men Hold Birthday Bash on Patna Flyover Fire Bullets in The Air – News18 Bangla IV news

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Too bad! 20 Men Hold Birthday Bash on Patna Flyover Fire Bullets in The Air – News18 Bangla

#Patna: Birthday celebration! Not just like that Absolutely mastani 6 The road was blocked, everyone suffered and the cake was cut, again a few rounds of shots were fired with joy! As soon as the video of this jubilation of 20 youths came to light, 7 of the Tonak Nadal administration The incident took place in Patna, the capital of Bihar On April 25, 20 people climbed on the Patli flyover The birthday celebration turned into a frenzy A friend posted a viral video of the incident on Instagram That shows what happened on the night of April 25

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Important flyovers of Patna city 7 Around 12 SUVs were parked across the flyover The cars were lined up on one side This two-lane flyover is expected to cause serious traffic congestion. The cake is cut on the bonnet of a car Sing and dance loudly! Even the youngsters present fired three rounds in the air The person who posted the video of the incident has a small business in Narsiganj area As soon as the video was spread, the police noticed it

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Rupashpur Station House Officer Chandra Vanu said they were aware of the incident and had taken action. “As soon as we saw this video, we knew what happened that night. After examining the video, immediate action was taken against the accused. Four out of 20 people were arrested.” Among them is Saurabh Yadav, whose birthday is celebrated so much The police officer said that they are looking for others

2 out of 20 people fired 6 shots at the birthday party This kind of ‘hooliganism’ is stuck on the road for about half an hour All have been identified and strict action will be taken against all of them

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