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The man at the police station complained that the parrot cheated and flew away IV News

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The man at the police station complained that the parrot cheated and flew away

Parrot Missing Case: Victims usually lodge complaints at the police station regarding thefts, robberies and murders. But the police, who are always busy, occasionally come across some strange cases. Recently another such bizarre case came to the notice of the police. A man has turned to the police after he allegedly cheated on a parrot he had lovingly raised and fled. Asked to find it anyway. A strange case was registered in Jagdalpur in the state of Chhattisgarh. Police who entered the field with this complaint are in the process of searching for the parrot.

Manish Thakkar, a resident of Jagdalpur in Bastar district, has been raising a tortoise for seven years. He fed it every day and looked after it very affectionately. But when the cage opened on Thursday morning it flew away. Never came back again. Manish searched all around for his parrot. However it was nowhere to be seen. With this, Manish … registered a missing person case at the Kotwali police station that Ramachilaka, whom he had grown to love so much, stabbed him in the back and fled. “We have been looking after it as a family member for seven years, but it just cheated on us and flew away,” Manish said. Manish asked the police to search for it anyway. Police registered a case against Manish and started searching for the parrot. Began examining CCTVs in the city. We will trace and catch the parrot as soon as possible.

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On the other hand, a farmer recently lost Rs. The compliant gave the police that his sandals worth 180 were lost. The bizarre case was registered at Khachrod police station in Ujjain district of Madhya Pradesh. But at first some policemen laughed when they heard what he said. He was shocked to hear that. Eventually his compliant was accepted. Jitendra, a farmer, along with his friend went to the Ujjain district Khachrod police station last Saturday morning and complained that thieves had stolen his black sandals worth Rs 180. Jitendra told police that there was a conspiracy behind the theft of his sandals and that he would be guilty if the thief left his sandals at another crime scene. He suspected that someone was looking to put him in a false case. He also handed over some of his evidence to the police. Taking evidence from him .. it was clarified that the police who received the complaint will investigate. Jitendra was assured that no mistake would be made.

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