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The finger of blame for Kanhaiyalal’s murder is now on the police IV news

The finger of blame for Kanhaiyalal’s murder is now on the police

Digital Desk: Tuesday in Rajasthan In Udaipur (Udaipur) Terrible things have happened. The result of supporting Nupur Sharma was to kill a man named Kanhaiya Lal. The incident has caused a stir across the country. After the assassination of Kanhaiyalal, explosive information is coming to the fore. Kanhaiyalal’s sons said their father had been receiving regular threats over the past few days. He also went to the police. But no action was taken by the police. The Kanhaiyalal’s sons have claimed that if the police had been active earlier, the horrific incident might not have happened to their father. They also said that Kanhaiyalal had made offensive remarks on social media, but it was a mistake. Police also arrested him and he later received a bail. As this information came to light naturally, questions began to arise about the role of the police in Kanhaiyalal’s death.

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