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Telangana CM KCR to boycott NITI Aayog meeting IV News

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) chief also addressed a press conference, explaining the reasons for staying away from the meeting and launching a scathing attack on the Centre.

He alleged that due to lack of planning and lack of cooperative federalism, the county is passing through the toughest phase with unprecedented problems of rising unemployment coupled with falling rupee values, high inflation, skyrocketing prices and low economic growth.

“These issues affect the lives of the people and are causing a lot of concern to the nation. But they are not discussed in the meetings of NITI Aayog. I would find the central government a silent spectator to this emerging dire scenario. Am, who often resorts to juggling words on people’s feelings,” the CM wrote.

He also referred to the use of bulldozers, encounter killings, 80:20 ratio and irresponsible statements by some leaders in high positions in the context of religious tone. Noting that these were disrupting the communal harmony and social fabric of the nation, apart from inviting international criticism, he also found fault with the central government for not taking any action to control the situation.

KCR also hit out at the Center for treating the borrowings of state PSUs as state government borrowings for their capital needs. He said that this has put brakes on the progress of Telangana and many other states. “This discrimination against the states is done without any compulsion, while the Indian government indiscriminately borrows from the open market,” he wrote.

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Recalling that NITI Aayog was started with the aim of cooperative federalism, he said that after seven years of functioning, it is now clear that this clear objective was seen more in violation. He alleged that the federal structure of India is being systematically destroyed by some deliberate actions by the Centre.

“These developments are very discouraging for backward states like Telangana. The apparent discrimination against some states even in the legitimate functions assigned to them in the Constitution leaves much to be desired.”


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