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Repatriation of Rohingyas essential for stability in Southeast Asia: Bangladesh Foreign Minister IV News

Repatriation of Rohingyas essential for stability in Southeast Asia: Bangladesh Foreign Minister

Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said on Saturday that the repatriation of displaced Myanmarese citizens taking refuge in his country is essential for security and stability in Southeast Asia. Bangladesh is currently hosting more than 1.1 million “forcibly displaced Myanmar citizens” (of Rohingya ethnicity) in Cox’s Bazar and they want to return to their country, the minister said in his address at the inaugural session of the Natural Allies in Development and Interdependence. . NADI) conference in Guwahati, Assam.

“Since repatriation has not started, displaced persons are disappointed. Many may be involved in criminal activities like drug and human trafficking, violence and these areas can become pockets of extremism and radicalization, leading to uncertainty and instability in the entire region,” Momen said. “His repatriation should be done as soon as possible and I seek the help of our neighbors to work together to maintain security and stability in the region,” he said.

He said Bangladesh is providing food and shelter to them on humanitarian grounds but this is a temporary measure and most of the displaced persons want to return to their country. “This poses a threat to the ongoing development path in Bangladesh… For a stable region, all countries must act responsibly so that regional stability is not disrupted,” Momen said.

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He said that keeping in mind that the development of any region is interdependent, the countries of the region should come forward to address this issue. Referring to India-Bangladesh ties, Momen said the two countries have a “rock-solid relationship” and are linked by history, culture, language and shared sacrifice as much as they are by shared waters, making it the fifth most Long range. The world and kinship.

“Over the years, the relationship has seen transformative changes reaching new heights and the existing friendship between people is a symbol of trust and mutual respect. The emotional bonds stemming from the invaluable contribution of the government and the people of India to Bangladesh’s liberation struggle continue to be a major factor in relations between the two countries”, he said. Later, on the sidelines of the conclave, the foreign minister, in response to questions on Bangladesh’s relations with Beijing, said, “We are not moving towards China.”

“We are building the longest bridge over Padma with our own money and the contractors are from China. We hired him after issuing the tender but a section of the media created a ruckus. China is not funding the project”, he said. China, however, is “our development partner and as the largest emerging economy, we buy a lot of things from them”, Maomen said.

Asked about the recent arrest of 16 members of Ansar-ul-Bangla, an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist organization based out of Bangladesh in Assam, the minister said, “It is good that they have been kept inside. There is no one for terrorism in the region.” There is no place.” Referring to Bangladesh’s relations with India’s northeastern states, Momen said that it is widely accepted that there is great potential and potential for promoting trade and investment and economic activities between Bangladesh and Northeast India.

He pointed out that climate change, lack of consensus on the principles of fair distribution of river water between upper and lower riparian states, geopolitical tensions due to absence of such consensus, socio-environmental impact of large dams and hydroelectric power There are tough challenges like that. Projects of upper littoral countries, river pollution and so on but experts will certainly pave the way for effective cooperation in politics and beyond borders. He said Bangladesh has been awarded a favorable geographical position to serve as a connectivity link between India’s seven north-eastern states as well as land-locked Bhutan and Nepal.

“We are striving to develop fruitful multi-modal connectivity with our neighbors and other countries of the region. Several major projects are being implemented and upon completion, we will enter a new horizon of socio-economic development of the country. hope to do”, Momen said.

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