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Rains: Rain forecast for next 24 hours IV News

Visakhapatnam: A surface circulation is continuing over northwest Bay of Bengal on Saturday. Due to this effect, low pressure will be formed in the same region on Sunday. By Monday, the low pressure will strengthen and move westward. As the monsoon became active in this order, it rained at many places in the coast and in Rayalaseema. In the next 24 hours, it will rain at many places in the North Coast, in many places in the South Coast, Rayalaseema. The Meteorological Department has said that there will be heavy rains here and there in the north coast. Due to the strong monsoon current in the Bay of Bengal, strong winds of 45 to 55 and occasionally 65 kilometers per hour are blowing along the coast along the north coast, warning fishermen not to go for fishing in the sea. On Saturday, the daytime temperatures in Coast and Rayalaseema were recorded one or two degrees below normal. Tirupati recorded a maximum temperature of 34.4 degrees.


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