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Price is low .. Usage is high IV News

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Price is low .. Usage is high

V6 Velugu Posted on May 15, 2022

Some people use gadgets for status. Some use it at will. But .. many people use gadgets for comforts. There are many gadgets available in the market for such people. There are some gadgets that can be used at home priced below Rs 1,000. Those who need it can buy them online.

Balfice wire holder
Everyone in the house has a smart phone. There are many gadgets with them. Each gadget has its own charger. When everything is placed on the desk, the charger cables become cluttered. Over now computer ‌‌‌‌ has become common in every home. For that too some cables are hanging on the table. It can be very difficult to organize them all. In that case it is enough to buy this wire holder. This pack contains 18 pieces. Each one serves to organize the wires. These are made of rubber. Price: Rs

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War Hammer RGB Gaming Pad
It is a gaming mouse, keyboard pad that comes with RGB lighting. Games players move the keyboard and mouse at speed. Such people will miss the comfort if they put the mouse and keyboard on the table. Such people can buy it. It is large enough to hold a keyboard or mouse. The strip around it has three colored lights. There is also a button to change their colors and turn it on / off. You need to connect the Micro USB – USB A cable from the pad to the laptop or PC. Long press on the button turns it on / off. You can change the colors of the lights with a single click. The bottom has a rubber base that looks like it is glued to a table. The mouse does not move while the keyboard is operating. Price: Rs

Stripe laptop stand
Many work-from-home operators operate their laptops on beds and stools. Doing so will keep the laptop from overheating as the air does not reach the bottom. But .. if such people use this laptop stand is enough. It is an affordable adjustable stand. You can put a lap on it and raise it to the desired height. Air circulation is also good for the laptop. Another unique feature is that it also comes with a mobile holder to connect to the stand. Price: 329 rupees

Sakoraware Collapsible Cup
Carrying luggage is a big problem for those who travel. Such people can easily carry this cup along. It can be folded into small bags and carried in a bag. It can be used when you feel like drinking coffee. It is made with food grade silicone so hot coffee and tea can also be poured into it. This cup also has a leakproof cap. It also comes with a small stand along with a cup to hold it on the table. It is also very easy to clean. Price: Rs

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