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3 April 2022 was the day when the current political and constitutional crisis erupted in Pakistan when National Assembly Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri rejected a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, allegedly by the US in collaboration with opposition parties. The schematic was done through plotting. As a result the IK was dropped on the automatic motto taken by the SC. This may be a reason but long before the no-confidence motion (NCM) it was a common rumor that the IK government cannot stay in power for long. Every government always has plus and minus points but it should not mean that we create such a situation which leads to instability in the country. If the country becomes unstable then it affects the economy badly and the final losers are always the poor people. All political parties in opposition joined hands against PTI and the end result was the removal of IK from the post of Prime Minister. Once the opposition was successful in its mission, politics took on a new dimension and turned into personal vendetta. Day by day the leaders of both the sides are making big allegations of corruption against each other, bringing new scams to defame each other. The tussle between PTI and the government is reaching heights, but at the same time no one cares about the plight of the poor. While this was happening, PTI was now in a comfortable position to overthrow Hamza Shahbaz’s Punjab government without any problem after winning 15 of the 20 bypoll seats as the numbers required to form the government were more than enough. The politics of Pakistan has completely changed, with the Parliament inactive, they inevitably drag the courts and both sides consider it their prerogative to pressurize the courts to take favorable decisions. Start criticizing the court’s impartiality in case you lose the case. Political parties have no right to criticize the Supreme Court or the judges who themselves refer their cases to the courts. The confrontation between PTI and the government is at an all-time high, no one is ready to talk to each other, the only option is to settle the cases through the courts, when the decision is announced by the courts, the judges are blamed begins to apply. No opposition in Parliament and Punjab’s defeat has created a lot of problems for the government, which has the only option of holding early elections. Economically the country has collapsed, we are begging the IMF to release $1.2 billion. As reported in the press, many countries are waiting for the IMF’s decision and have refused to lend us money. We desperately need the dollar to ease the pressure on the devaluation of the rupee. Banks have refused to open LCs due to paucity of dollars. While the fighting is going on at home, the whole of Pakistan faced unprecedented rain. The most affected area has been Balochistan where thousands of people are affected, 146 people are reported to have died. Heavy rains have badly damaged the infrastructure; The houses have been washed away. The administrative system has completely collapsed. Didn’t see PDMA anywhere. As usual, the Army and Navy are carrying out relief operations, providing them with food and medicines.
While rain is a regular feature in Pakistan, we have seen how the posh areas of the defense were badly affected, with no respite to the people. The gutters posed a major problem and were badly hit with no outlet roads including the main markets. Roads have disappeared at places, causing great inconvenience to the people, and the situation has gone from bad to worse due to power failures along with feeder tripping to commuters. Hub Dam has become a major threat to Karachi as the water has crossed the dangerous limit.
While this was happening, Gen Bajwa made a personal call to the Deputy Foreign Minister to pressurize the IMF to release our installment to avoid possible defaults. It has been widely criticized by some circles and the media as being the exclusive domain of the government. The statement of the Prime Minister has come that he asked the COAS to speak to the Deputy Secretary of State to put pressure on the IMF, in any case it was in bad taste and unwelcome to the call, it is going to have long term consequences . Since the establishment has declared its neutrality in political matters proper precautions should have been taken but the phone calls of COAS coming to help the government are not well received.
Imran Khan’s troubles are not over yet. In a long-awaited foreign funding case, the ECP announced its decision in a unanimous decision, stating that IK received foreign funds from 34 foreigners and submitted false affidavits, resulting in the issue of show cause notices and further A copy of the decision has been sent to the Government of Pakistan for need. action. All of this would ultimately aim at banning the party and disqualifying Ike for public office. PTI overruled the decision and decided to file an appeal in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately for the government and PTI the only issue before the country is to leave each other while the main concern should be how to provide relief to the flood-affected areas of Balochistan and southern Punjab. People are literally starving, they don’t have food and are starving. No one is worried about controlling inflation and depreciating rupee. It is now quite clear that the government is intent on systematically destroying Pakistan economically. With our imports exceeding $80 billion, what sense is there in allowing the import of luxury goods that were banned a few days ago once again. We keep on suffering due to lack of farsightedness and farsightedness. All political parties are intent on taking Pakistan to the river without any return. Not only this, we have put Pakistan for sale. Most of our assets have already been privatized and the rest are put on the disposal list of earning enterprises whoever pays money. This is not the way to run the country. People are getting frustrated with IK’s policies, which so far only targeted Nawaz and Zardari and did the least publicity about the country. The media continues to pit politicians against each other and is least interested in highlighting the plight and devastation caused by the floods. The government is happy because they have not faced opposition from people like Sri Lanka, perhaps due to lack of interest in politics, frustration and morale. In the larger interest of the state, politicians come to know about the ground realities before detonating them.

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