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Nitish Kumar withdraws from BJP alliance? today is the end IV News

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Remain in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance? The Samyukta Janata Dal Party, led by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, is going to decide on Tuesday (August 9) whether to vote or not.

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Nitish has called a meeting of MLAs, MPs and senior leaders of the United Janata Dal party to discuss this.

Meanwhile, Lalu Prasad’s Rashtriya Janata Dal has announced that it is ready to forge an alliance with the Samyukta Janata Dal if it breaks ties with the BJP.

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The United Janata Dal-BJP alliance is in power in Bihar. Rashtriya Janata Dal is the main opposition party. Although BJP had won more seats in the assembly elections, Nitish Kumar was given the post of Chief Minister under the pre-poll agreement.

The relations between the BJP and the Samyukta Janata Dal have not been cordial in recent times. Bihar state BJP leaders have been questioning Nitish from time to time. United Janata Dal has announced that it will no longer be included in the BJP-led Union Cabinet. Also said that there is no problem in alliance with BJP.

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In such a situation, a meeting of the Samyukta Janata Dal will be held in Patna on Tuesday. Till now Nitish Kumar has not taken any decision. People close to Nitish Kumar have said that he will consult party leaders and take his next step.

The Samyukta Janata Dal should be given more seats in the Union Cabinet with more numbers. The main demand of Nitish Kumar seems to be that Chhotu Bihar assembly elections (a year ago) should be held along with the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. It is said that the Samyukta Janata Dal has announced that it will no longer participate in the Union Cabinet as the BJP did not accede to the demand for more ministerial posts.

Nitish Kumar did not attend the farewell ceremony of President Ram Nath Kovind, the inauguration of the new President Draupadi Murmu and the Justice Commission committee meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Due to this, it was being said that he would part ways from the BJP alliance. However, it was told by the Samyukta Janata Dal that he did not participate in these programs as he was not completely free from the after-effects of Corona.

The Samyukta Janata Dal is currently the only major party in the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance. The Shiv Sena party, which was part of the alliance for many years, split during the Maharashtra Assembly elections. The Shiromani Akali Dal, which was the main coalition party in Punjab, walked out of the coalition after the introduction of the new agricultural law.

Invitation of Lalu Party to Nitish: Rashtriya Janata Dal Vice President Shivanand Tiwari said in this regard:

BJP and United Janata Dal have separately called a meeting of their MLAs. This clearly shows that there is an abnormal situation between the parties. But what exactly is happening between the parties is not fully known.

The Rashtriya Janata Dal is ready to form an alliance with Nitish Kumar if he breaks ties with the BJP. Our party is committed to fight against BJP. If Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar comes with us to fight against BJP, we will accept him.

In 2017, during the United Janata Dal-Rashtriya Janata Dal coalition government, Prime Minister Nitish Kumar broke the alliance citing corruption allegations against Lalu’s son and family members of Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Prasad. After that, he immediately forged an alliance with the BJP and retained the chief minister’s post.

In this regard, the journalists questioned Shivanand Tiwari. To that he said, ‘In politics we cannot live like prisoners thinking about what happened in the past. Both Lalu and Nitish, who had socialist ideals, fought against the ruling Congress. At that time, Indira Gandhi strongly opposed the emergency imposed.

The ruling BJP is working against the Constitution. So it is important to face this challenge together.”


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