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Nagarahole Tiger Safari Viral Video of Mysuru IV News

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Hey… Huliraya, this is your avatar.. Did you fall down on the ground and roll around? You lie across the road and prevent anyone from passing by… You are in such a jolly mood that I want to pet you.. Ha… Are you really a tiger? Or Shantarupi…? I feel like asking.. After all, what is the reason for your happiness? Tourists who have gone on safari keep asking Huli Raya.

By the way, this scene can now be seen commonly in Nagarhole National Park. Everyone visiting Mysore must visit Nagarhole Safari.

Those scenes are good

You have to see these scenes there. From tigers to small animals, even the small animals crossing the road on our safaris are beautiful.

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Have a nice ride

Due to the heavy rains, the animals in the middle of the forest are coming to the edge of the forest. Walking comfortably there, catching the eye of the onlookers.

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It is a festival for the eyes of the beholders.. Like the avatars of Tiger Raya, everyone makes a noise and captures it on their cameras.. Then, why late this rainy season, let your journey be towards Nagarhole..

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