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My challenge to Rajagopal Reddy IV News

Rajagopal Reddy’s drama in the state started after he met Amit Shah, Prajashanthi Party President KA Paul said. Today Ayana said in a media conference in Amir Pate.. “BJP conspiracy behind Rajagopal Reddy affair. I have evidence why Rajagopal Reddy resigned. I know why TG Venkatesh and Sujana Chaudhary joined BJP in AP. RSS BJP is playing dramas together. CBI, ED They said that they are joining the BJP. AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is kneeling with the BJP. In Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav refused to join the BJP.. What happened, he was sent to jail. Everyone is afraid that if he does not join the BJP, he will go to jail.. The same is true in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. He said that a great leader like Jayalalithaa also strongly opposed the BJP.

I am throwing my challenge to Rajagopal Reddy.. I know why you joined BJP Amit Shah.. You say that the rule of KCR family is very corrupt.. Is there any religious rule like BJP party..? Will you become a Punyu when you join BJP..? Narendra Modi who made 100 promises did not fulfill even one. Gandhi’s family rule ruined the country. BJP came and made the country like Sri Lanka. It’s been 8 years since BJP came to rule… let’s say one good thing. All the leaders are afraid of Modi…Nobody can oppose Modi except me..that’s my gut. Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy Munugodu you are misleading people. Four crore people of Telangana have forgiven you. If you have the guts, take sanyas from politics..then stand on behalf of the people,” said KA Pal Hitavu.


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