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Mother And Daughter Duo Pilot Same Flight Flies On A Same Wing IV News

There is a proverb that like a mother is a daughter, a saree is like a yarn. This means that usually a daughter tends to inherit the qualities of her mother. Likewise, every parent should get their children a good job, success in life.Success) There is always a dream to achieve. They will be very proud when that dream comes true. A pilot mother of America is very proud that her daughter is also a pilot like her. This thrilling video is going viral on social media.

Mother Holly Pettit and her daughter Keely Pettit, first officer, work together at Southwest Airlines. Now the video of them flying in the sky together is going viral.

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Mother and daughter flew in the sky together
They flew together on flight 3658 from Denver to St. Louis on July 23. Also, the organization claims that they are the first mother-daughter pilot pair of our airlines. A mother introducing her daughter was caught on camera on the plane.

Mother and daughter working on the same flight

After finishing college, mother Holly initially started working as a flight attendant. Later he was promoted as a pilot. Now his daughter is a pilot.

A daughter who dreamed of flying in the sky at the age of 14
Keeley Petit dreamed of becoming a pilot like her mother when she was 14 years old. Following her mother’s footsteps, Keeley landed an internship with Southwest Airlines in 2017. Now she is working there as First Officer Filet.

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This mother daughter video is viral on social media
Heart touching moments of mother and daughter working together in the same airline are going viral on social media. Southwest Air shared this video on social media.

A video of his pilot’s life
The video begins with a mother and daughter standing together holding a photo frame. It shows the way their entire pilot life took shape, along with a photo of a mother and daughter. The video has received over 27,900 views.

The netizens shared their happiness through comments after seeing a pair of mother-daughter pilots. Appreciated this wonderful moment in his life.

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My mother who wrote about this today has made my biggest dream come true. I loved this profession of mine. But now my daughter also loves this profession and joined this profession. Expressed happiness about this.

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