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Leopard Hunting | Leopard hunt: 4 accused of MP arrested, picture found in mobile, mystery solved IV News

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Leopard Hunting | Leopard hunt: 4 accused of MP arrested, picture found in mobile, mystery solved

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Nagpur. The forest department team arrested 4 accused while conducting a raid on Saturday in the hunting case of leopard cub in Kondhali forest range. All the accused are laborers from Madhya Pradesh who had come to pluck mangoes in the field of Chhaya Sridhar Hawale in Kondhali. There was a forest near the farm, where he carried out the hunting incident.

The accused include Sundar Kanhaiya Walke, Nansing Jodha Valke, Rajesh Bahurilal Markam and Birsing Halku Dhurve (all residents of Bhimpuri, Tehsil Bichiya, District Mandla, Madhya Pradesh). Kondhali Forest Range Officer NH Kapgate said that on May 11, a 10-month-old female leopard was hunted in Yenvihira Beat. In this case 4 accused were arrested on the basis of suspicion.

On interrogation, at first the accused tried to mislead the forest department team, but after checking the mobile of accused Rajesh Markam, the whole mystery was solved. The picture of dead leopard and wild pig meat was found in the mobile. On getting the evidence, the accused accepted their crime.

The forest department team registered a case under the Wildlife Protection Act and produced all the accused before JMFC Katol, from where they were sent to forest custody till May 18. This action was taken under the guidance of Nagpur Deputy Conservator of Forests Bharat Singh Hada, Forester Anil Navadre, Mohan Waghdhare, FB Pathan, Aarti Meshram, Raju Lakhade, Pandurang Shinde, Suraj Bele, Ajay Panchbhai, Pundalik Sarode etc.

keep an eye on outsiders

People from Madhya Pradesh carried out the hunting incident. In such a situation, the people living around the forest are requested to keep an eye on the people who come from outside to do wages and if in doubt, immediately inform the forest department officials.

Prajyot Palve, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Katol.

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