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Imran Khan’s lawyer makes ‘apology’ controversial outside IHC IV News

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s lawyer Hamid Khan explained the term of apology outside the court, aggravating the issue of threat to the woman judge.

“Imran Khan has not sought an apology from the court,” he told the media outside the court.

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He added: “Legally there is a difference between apology and pardon”

Hamid quoted Imran as saying: “I am ready to go to the woman judge.

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“I will let her understand that I haven’t said anything against her and I have no intention to harm her.

“If I cross the limit, I apologize.”

Hamid told a different story outside court: legal expert

While another noted lawyer Rasheed A Rizvi stressed in a TV program that Imran Khan sought an apology in court. But Hamid Khan told a different story outside the court, he added.

Imran Khan’s statement before the court

Imran Khan gave a statement before a five-member bench of the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday, apologizing to the court and saying that he would not repeat the mistake again.

The court has ordered Imran Khan to file an affidavit for consideration before the next date fixed and adjourned the hearing till October 3.

The court also made the statement of Imran Khan as part of its written order.

Here is the complete text of the written order:

1. At the very outset, the respondent sought leave of the Court to make a statement. He submitted that his 26-year struggle was for the rule of law, respect and independence of judiciary and no political leader other than him spoke of rule of law in every public gathering. He stated that he realized during the proceedings that he may have crossed a red line. He stated that he never intended to threaten the Hon’ble Judge of the District Court and that his intention behind his statement was to refer to legal action.

But he wanted to assure the Hon’ble Judges of this Court that he was willing to clarify before the Hon’ble Judge of the District Court that neither he nor his party sought any action against the Hon’ble Judge of District Court and that he would willingly apologize to the Hon’ble Judge if she felt that the respondent had crossed a line. He wanted to assure this Court that he would never do anything in future that would hurt the dignity of the Court and the judiciary and especially the lower judiciary. He finally submitted that he was willing to take any further steps that this Court deemed necessary to satisfy this Court that he had never intended to interfere with the process of the court or impugn the dignity or independence of the judiciary.

2. We are, prima facie, satisfied with the apology rendered by the respondent. Let him file an affidavit for consideration of this Court before the next date fixed.

3. Let the matter be adjourned to 03-10-2022 for framing of charge against the respondent. The proceedings will be taken up at 02:30 pm on the date fixed.

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