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If the legislator did not give way, the monk committed suicide! Find out what the whole deal is IV news

The body of Sadhu Ravinath, who cut short his life by strangulation in Rajasthan’s Jalore district, was removed from the tree after 35 hours. After a long discussion between the police administration and the supporters of the ashram, it was agreed to take down the dead body. According to the information, it was found that the dead body has been sent for postmortem to a health center in Jaswantpura.
According to the information received from the sources, Sadhu Ravinath had written the names of BJP MLA Pooram Chaudhary and some other people in his suicide note. At present, the police have registered a case against three people, including the MLA, and are investigating.
It is being said that in front of the Ashram on Rajpura Road is the land of Pooram Choudhary, MLA of Bhinmal Mutdarsangh of Jalore. Chaudhary had gone to take possession of the land on Thursday and was excavating with the help of a bulldozer. When the saint asked for a way to reach the ashram, the MLA refused and it was learned that the saint had hanged himself on a tree at the excavation site.
In this matter, the police had forbidden to disclose more information. Puraram Chaudhary said that this matter should be investigated. Justice should be done to the monk. I think this is a case of murder. We had no dispute with Sadhu. A path was also kept for the monk to go to the ashram.

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