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If Imran Khan surrenders, IG will be stopped from arrest, court IV News

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In the Tosha Khana case against Imran Khan, Judge Zafar Iqbal of the District and Sessions Court of Islamabad has said that if Imran Khan still surrenders, then I will order the IG not to arrest him.
Web Board: The hearing of the Tosha Khana case in the Islamabad District and Sessions Court is ongoing in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Zafar Iqbal.
As the hearing began today, Imran Khan’s lawyer Khawaja Haris read out the Islamabad High Court’s decision to uphold the warrant.
The judge said that the Supreme Court’s order has not yet reached the Sessions Court through the courts. Do you think the electoral commission should be informed about the handling of the case? The problem can be solved in a second, where is Imran Khan? Where has Imran Khan come to justice as a wife? Where is the concept of business?
Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that it is necessary to arrest Imran Khan and bring him to court.
The honorable judge said we want Imran Khan to appear in court, why is he not coming? what is the reason According to the law, Imran Khan has to assist the police and not resist. If there were warrants there would be no problem, warrants are not warrantless, arrest warrants are for the appearance of Imran Khan in his personal capacity.
Lawyer Khawaja Haris said that Imran Khan himself is saying that I want to appear in court, Imran Khan is not asking for immunity, he wants to appear in court, is there a need for a non-bailable arrest warrant at this time? You have two options, the petitioner wants to appear, the first option is to dismiss the warrant by accepting the bond request, the other option is to take bail and issue a bailable warrant. I will appear.
Imran Khan’s lawyers requested that the arrest warrant be stayed.
The judge said they also inform the election commission, about this Khawaja Haris said you should report it and call the election commission today.
The judge asked why the situation in Lahore Zaman Park was bad. Imran Khan has become the most expensive appointment not only of Pakistan but of the world, billions of rupees of the government are on this warrant, according to the law, non-bailable warrant can apply in any city of Pakistan, according to the law Imran Khan The court should have been directly led, it is not can imran khan be harassed when he appears in court, this is a poor country, millions of rupees were spent on warrants that were not needed, if imran khan still surrenders, i will appoint an IG to Don’t get arrested.
The court said arrest warrants were issued according to law, why was there resistance? People have money, they would have protested more peacefully, in a criminal case usually the accused appear in court in person, the accused appear in court and the order expires, not that the date is March 18th and the police sit on your hands.
Khawaja Haris’ lawyer said there was no need to issue an arrest warrant after the execution.
The judge said that it is raining, I ask the police in the office to issue a notice to the election board.
Special session judge Zafar Iqbal directed the court staff to ask the Election Commission to reach the court by 12 noon.
The court adjourned the hearing till 12 noon.

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