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Husband died after 15 days of marriage IV News

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Husband died after 15 days of marriage

In Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, famous for its production of fish and pearls, a woman has claimed to have lived 36 years in the guise of a man. The woman says that she did this to bring up her only daughter safely, so that bad people could be avoided.

S Pettiammal, a resident of Kattanayakanpatti village, 30 km from Thoothukudi town, struggled to raise an only daughter after the sudden death of her husband. During this time he had to face many difficulties, including hearing sexual taunts. In view of all these situations, she took a decision and became a man named ‘Muthu’ in front of the society.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, Pettiammal said, “I lost my husband Shiva only after 15 days of marriage. Then I was only 20 years old. During this time I gave birth to my daughter Shadamungasundari. I decided not to get married again, but it became difficult to raise a child alone. I worked in construction sites, hotels and tea shops, but I faced harassment in all these places.”

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Seeing the society’s outlook and life’s difficulties as a young single woman, Pettiammal went to the Tiruchendur Murugan temple and changed her entire outfit there. She left the saree and put on the shirt and lungi and came out as a male in front of the society by giving herself the name Muthu.

Talking about keeping his real identity a secret, Pettiammal said, “We had settled in Kattunayakkanpatti 20 years ago. Only close relatives who came to my house and my daughter knew that I was a woman.”

Petyammal’s daughter Shadamungasundari gets married, but Petyammal still does not want to change her identity. He says that this identity gave his daughter a secure life. That’s why she will remain Muthu till she dies. At the same time, his Aadhar card, Ration card and Voter ID are in the form of male. However, now she has given her female identity in MGNREGA job, as she can no longer do the hard work.

He said that he has neither house nor any amount of savings. He has sought help from the government. At the same time, after investigating the matter, the collector has asked to link them with some social welfare scheme.

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