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Hunting on 23 volunteers in Annamayya districts IV News

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Hunting on 23 volunteers in Annamayya districts

GT Hemanth Kumar, News18, Tirupati

With the introduction of the Village Volunteers system in Andhra Pradesh, it was widely believed that people were left to wander around government offices. Accordingly, the state government is also distributing pensions from Jamu on the first day of the month and delivering them door-to-door through volunteers for various welfare schemes. This system is simply made available to the public so that the beneficiaries do not have to turn around the MRO offices for the implementation of other government schemes from the small certificate. But if the government wants one, the village volunteers are acting differently. In some places the business style of volunteers is causing headaches for the government. Boundary You are behaving … We keep seeing cases like cashing in beneficiaries’ accounts .., transferring pension money to someone else.

The panchayat secretaries and volunteers who were on duty in the newly formed Annamayya district’s sprout zone were the ones who gave the coloring as if they had done a lot of work in the first place. The game they played that there were no listeners .., continued to be a song sung. However, complaints against them slowly started coming to the MPDO office. Not only are the problems unresolved day by day … more and more complaints keep coming.

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Molakalacheruvu MPDVO Ramesh Babu paid special attention to this. Volunteers in the villages and Panchayat secretaries kept a close watch on their duties. MPDVO Ramesh, who met the people directly on the implementation of government schemes back in the villages, inquired about the performance of volunteers at the village level. Volunteers did not show biometric attendance and there was no change in the work of volunteers and panchayat secretaries. However, MPDVO Ramesh also issued a warning on the same subject. But there was no change in their working style. Outraged, Ramesh Babu also issued a warning to volunteers and panchayat secretaries.

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However, the superintendent ignored the words and suspended 23 volunteers from the zone and issued show cause notices to seven panchayat secretaries. Volunteers from Burakayalakota, Gudupalle, Kadirinadhunikota, Kaluvapalle, Maddinayunipalle, Mulakalecheruvu, Sompalle, Chaudasamudram and villages in the Molakalecheruvu zone were suspended and their mobile phones and biometric scanners provided by the government were seized. Molakalacheruvu MPDVO Ramesh Babu warned that similar stern action would be taken against the rest of the staff if they were negligent in their duties.

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Andhra Pradesh

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