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Headlines of the evening: Priest ‘stepped out of role’ after being accused of voyeurism in shopping center; and announced crackdown on antisocial behavior in Dublin IV News

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Here are the main news stories on The Independent tonight.

Cherry Garden: Minister of Justice announces action on anti-social behavior after Garda car collision in Dublin

Justice Minister Helen McEntee has announced a slew of measures to crack down on anti-social behavior following a Garda car collision at Cherry Orchard earlier this week.

Dead body found in Dublin as Gardai ends search for missing pensioner

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While searching for a missing man from Dublin, Gardai discovers a dead body.

First images emerge of Russian men saying goodbye to family to go to war

Company owned by U2 frontman Bono files objection to planned apartment plan for Dalkey in Dublin

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A company owned by U2 frontman Bono is objecting to a planned apartment plan for Dalkey in South Dublin.

Co-Armagh Pujari ‘stepped out of role’ after allegations of snooping in shopping center

A court hearing on Friday forced a co-Armagh priest to “step down from his role” who was accused of voyeurism.

The fisherman, upon hearing this, told that he and two of his associates worked 20 hours a day on a prawn boat and paid €140,000 on them. owes

A migrant fisherman working on a prawn boat off the Dublin coast has told the Workplace Relations Commission that he and two of his associates worked 20 hours a day and were owed €140,000.

Two teens arrested in connection with an alleged assault by a club official at Longford’s GAA ground

Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with an alleged assault on a club official at GAA grounds in Longford.

Taoiseach flies business class to New York despite UN Security Council slamming UN Security Council for ‘failure’ to act on climate change

Taoiseach Michael Martin has confirmed he was on a business class flight to New York, despite criticism from the United Nations Security Council for failing to act on climate change.

Dublin A&E. Pat Kenny takes on Stephen Donnelly to work on daughter’s ‘horrible’ experience

Radio presenter Pat Kenney has shared a description of what her daughter described as a “terrible experience” in the emergency department at St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin.

Gardai’s investigation as Drogheda Secondary School on social media for the second time

Gardai is continuing to investigate a series of messages that have been posted on social media in recent days targeting a school.

Irish tourists can save huge with UK VAT-free scheme, but won’t cover cross-border buyers

Cross-border buyers will not get the same tax breaks as other UK visitors after Northern Ireland is left out of the British government’s new VAT-free shopping scheme.

Taoiseach Michael Martin calls Russia a ‘rogue state’ and questions UN Security Council membership

Taoiseach Michael Martin has said that Russia’s role as a permanent member of the UN Security Council is now in question.

Thousands are expected on Saturday in Dublin, where roads are closed

Thousands of people are expected to join a massive protest in Dublin for their livelihood.

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