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Gokulam Kerala’s history in I-League by breaking Mohammedan’s dream – Uttarbanga Sambad IV news

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Gokulam Kerala’s history in I-League by breaking Mohammedan’s dream – Uttarbanga Sambad

Gokulam Kerala – 2 (Rishad)Emil)

Mohammedan Sporting – 1 (Azharuddin)

Kolkata: The current generation has not seen the scene of Kolkata team becoming the national league or I-League champion in Yuvbharati. So for the last few days the mercury was rising in the city. But Gokulam Kerala (43 points) made history by winning the I-League twice in a row.

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After Mohun Bagan won the first national league, Yuvbharati has not witnessed any team winning the trophy since 1996-97. In the 2019-20 season, Mohun Bagan was again the champion at home, but it was in Kalyani. So on Saturday, the red-yellow supporters were also seen beside Mohammedan to fill Yuvbharati. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. But witnessing the victory of the neighboring club did not happen to them in the end. Mohammedan lost the match (36 points) in the hope of nearly 47,000 spectators.

Mohammedan had played in the I-League before but was always in Ayaram-Gayaram’s team. Repeatedly going down, losing by a large margin, so far the pain of all this has been borne by the black and white supporters. Mohammedan was not in the race to become the champion last season either. This time too, the team seemed to have dropped out of the race after drawing a few matches. At that time, the fight continued till the last match at the surprise rate of Gokulam. Where Gokulam had drawn, Mohammedan would have to win if he wanted to become the champion. Under such circumstances, white and black coach Andrei Chernyshev played open football for the team from the beginning. Because the draw or the rate means the same to his team, the trophy will not come home. But this became a boomerang for them.

All of Mohammedan’s attacks were on the right, through Andello Rudovich. Marcus Josephra could not open the scoring in that way even though they were able to keep the game in their hands in the first half. Gokulam had two easy chances in front of the game. Once Tahir Zaman cleared the ball before taking a shot in the goal. In the second half, goalkeeper Jothanmawia forced Jamaican Jordine Fletcher out of the box to take a shot from far outside the box. Fletcher could not keep the shot.

After the break, Gokulam changed his style of play. The crop, the goal at the beginning of the second half. Jothan Maui had nothing to do with the shot taken in Rishad’s second post from Luca Mazken’s pass. When the free-kick from outside the box by Marcus Joseph hit Azhar’s foot in the 56th minute right after the goal, the buzz around the entire Yuvbharati was enough to shake Kolkata.

But Gokulam blocked the last path of Mohammedan’s victory by scoring a goal in just five minutes. This goal is like the first copybook. Only Emile Benny scored in place of Rashi. Despite getting some chances in the end, Mohammedan did not touch Mohun Bagan in the end.

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