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Everything is ‘Swami’! IV News

  • Swamiji spinning wheel in Devdaya branch
  • He is the minister of the department.. He is the commissioner
  • With His grace anything is possible
  • The entire administration of the department is under Swami Kanusannalo
  • Minister, Commissioner in queue every week

(Amaravati-Andhra Jyoti) : The government has gifted the Devdaya department, which has assets worth Rs. She took the branch directly and placed it in his hands. Do whatever he says… She gave an unauthorized order. Since then, there is no issue that Swamiji has not put his finger on. Acting as an unofficial minister of the department, he is running the entire administration under his own will. From the appointment of trust boards to the postings and promotions of officers, everything is done with his advice and instructions. The comments are being heard that whether the CM says it will work or not, but if the lord orders it, it should be done in moments. His letter has such power. Any decision to be taken regarding the branch requires the blessing of that Swami. At least once a week, if possible twice, the minister and commissioner should meet him. In this way he is taking over the department and running the whole affair. Here are some important events that took place in Devdaya branch recently with the grace of Swami…

Appointment of advisor for the first time

A person from Anantapur has been appointed by the government as an adviser to the Devadaya department on Friday. There is no word advisor in that department. There are no such people. But for the first time in the history of the state, the government has appointed an advisor to the Mari Devdaya Department by paying a salary. And what are his duties… what advice will he give… the Devadaya department officials should say. It seems that Swami’s grace is behind this. There are whispers in the department that the appointment of the consultant was done on his orders.

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Rules of law are in the wind…

The responsibility of conducting examinations for Vedic students was recently handed over to a Rajahmundry-based private institution. According to Devdaya Act, these examinations should be conducted under the joint auspices of TTD and Devdaya Department. But on the contrary, there was strong opposition to handing over the responsibility to a private company. Due to the concerns of the Brahmin communities, the Devadaya department had to take back that decision. Earlier, the owner of the said private company met Swamiji and took blessings. Immediately orders came to hand over the responsibility of conducting the examinations to that organization. The officials who left the rules in the air…then bit their tongues and explained that they did not give responsibility to anyone.

Also role in postings

There are important posts in some districts in Devdaya department. Each zone has a Deputy Commissioner. 6B Pujas, kainkaryas, properties and land leases related to temples are under their purview. Visakha and Rajahmundry Deputy Commissioner posts are crucial. Many officials compete for these posts. In the meantime, an officer with Swamiji’s blessing has been appointed in one Zone DC post. The district minister does not like this. Immediately the minister called the newly arrived official. “Why did you come to that post? We want to hire our man. You go back immediately. Otherwise I will send it myself. Do you want to tell the commissioner..?” He gave a stern warning. Then within 30 minutes the minister got a call from Swamiji.

“Minister… He is my grandson. He was posted there only if I told him. He was an ardent believer in God. He did not even touch Minister DC after saying that let him continue there. It is the highest revenue generating zone in the state. The said DC also invested heavily and posted in that zone where crores of rupees change hands. Swamiji has a role in many such postings. At the time of Corona, the Center has announced financial assistance to the priests under the National Disaster Relief Fund. It has been ordered to provide Rs.5 thousand to all priests and priestesses in the state. Swamiji intervened in this matter as well. So far only 60 percent priests in the state have been given funds from NDRF. But all those in the list given by Swamiji got help. In recent times the department has framed some rules on inheritance. Priestly communities are strongly objecting that they came from Swamiji.

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