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Cheated to make a Kisan credit card; The thieves ran away with 20 tolas of gold and two kilos of silver. Cheated to make Kisan credit card, 20 tola gold, two kg silver also ran away with thugs IV News

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Seven34 minutes ago

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A virtual image.  - Dainik Bhaskar
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A virtual image.

Village Samnapurkalan at Rehli police station in Sagar, in the name of Kisan credit card, a father and son have cheated the farmer to the tune of Rs 16.56 lakh. Then the accused extorted 20 tola of gold and two kg of silver from a farmer in the name of guarantee. As soon as the fraud came to light, the farmer came to the Rahli police station and complained. As a result of the complaint, the police have registered a case against the two accused and taken them under investigation.

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According to police, the complainant farmer Kamlesh son of Chaiodi Kurmi, 43, a resident of Samnapurkalan, said in the complaint that in March 2022, Premlal and his son Kamlesh, my own, created a farmer credit card of my cousin Raju Kurmi. village Told me you should have it made too, so I refused. After that I thought my daughter was 20 years old. If I want to get married, I should make a card. So that the money will be deposited. After that he told Premlal to get the card made, then Premlal asked for 10 thousand rupees. I gave him Rs 10,000 in cash. After that Premlal and Kamlesh brought bank employee Shubham Rajput from Axis Bank to my house. Aadhaar card, plot name, transcript and village map were taken from my house in documents. A few days after giving the documents, I told Premlal that when my credit card would be generated, he had said it would take time. After about 20 days, Kamlesh asked how much time it will take to generate the card again, he said 10 thousand rupees and to open two accounts. I gave another 10 thousand rupees. Also took Aadhaar card, pen card, identity card and mobile phone.
Keeping the jewelry in the bank under the guise of civil damages
After about 2 months Premlal said your civility is bad. Credit card will not be accepted. Some gold and silver must be kept in the bank as security for civil repairs. After that, after taking the ornaments of wife and mother-in-law from the house, about 20 tolas of gold and two kilos of silver, along with Premlal and Kamlesh, went with ICICI Bank to Sagar near Dimple Petrol Pump. There, Premlal and Kamlesh kept gold and silver ornaments in the name of depositing them in a bank. Asked me to sit outside the bank. After some time he came out of the bank and said that the job was done. Then we returned home. They did not give me the receipt for the delivery of the jewelry.
Endorsement of blank checks in the name of bank deposit
After about 3 months, Premlal said that the credit card has been prepared. Money has arrived. Must walk to pull. Then both of them took me to Axis Bank. As Premlal made me sign the check book and said that 7 checks need to be deposited in the bank. Took 7 checks from me. After that I came back to my house. Two days after that, on 6th May 2022, when Premlal and I went to withdraw money, I withdrew 2.30 lakh rupees through a bank cheque. After that Premlal took my mobile phone to connect it to the SIM account. He said he needed to deposit 2 lakh rupees in another bank, so I gave him 2 lakh rupees.
Fraud exposed when he managed to withdraw money for daughter’s marriage
Meanwhile, farmer Kamlesh had to deposit the installment of the tractor. At the same time, when money was missing for his daughter’s marriage, he reached the bank with his uncle to withdraw the money. When the account was checked by providing the passbook in the bank, it was found that there is no money in the account. On getting the details of the case, it was found that from 4th May 2022 to 2nd November 2022, Premlal and Kamlesh Kurmi have fraudulently withdrawn Rs 6,86,215 from my account from both my Kisan credit card accounts. Apart from that, 20 tolas of gold and two kg of silver have been deposited in someone else’s name in the name of depositing it in the bank as collateral. Together, both the accused have defrauded 16 lakh 56 thousand 215 rupees.
The thieves had linked the farmer’s mobile phone with his Aadhaar
After a few days, the accused told the farmer that the credit card had been created. The money has arrived. Must withdraw from your account. After that, the accused fraudulently accepted the check after obtaining the farmer’s signature. Got the farmer’s mobile phone linked to his own Aadhaar. The farmer received information in December that Premlal and Kamlesh Kurmi had taken money from his bank account. After that, the farmer complained to the police station. Rohit Mishra, police station officer, Rahli, said that both the accused were neighbors of the farmer. ATM and credit card was done through the farmer’s documents. Some amount has also been withdrawn by cheque. The accused himself had picked up the farmer’s ornaments after pawning them in the bank. A search is on for the accused.

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