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Boy who fell into Boru Bavi is safe.. IV News

Boy who fell into Boru Bavi is safe..

It is known that a five-year-old boy named Dipender Yadav fell into a bore well in Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh state. The rescue team rescued the boy safely. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital and treated. Doctors said that Dipender Yadav, who is undergoing treatment, is doing well. He will be discharged from the hospital within 24 hours, said Civil Surgeon Dr JL Ahirwar.

A tunnel was dug parallel to the bore well to save the boy. The authorities found the boy at a depth of about 30 feet and gave him oxygen. Police and doctors along with the SDERF team were on the scene for the rescue operation. A total of 27 personnel from Sagar, Jabalbur and Gwalior participated in the relief operations. Finally the boy was rescued alive.

Again bore well incidents are on the rise. Little girls fall into it and lose their lives. No matter how many little girls are getting raped .. people are not waking up. After the borehole .. If the water does not come .. Governments say to close it immediately .. Some people do not care. With this, the children who have to live for hundreds of years are going to eternity in the meantime. It is unfortunate that before the incident of a two-year-old boy falling into a borewell in the state of Gujarat is forgotten, another incident has taken place.

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