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BJP | Tukkuguda: Please .. Give it a chance: Bandi Sanjay’s sensational speech in Thukkuguda House .. Key guarantees .. IV News

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BJP | Tukkuguda: Please .. Give it a chance: Bandi Sanjay’s sensational speech in Thukkuguda House .. Key guarantees ..

BJP president Bandi Sanjay alleged that the Kalvakuntla family had captured the Panchabhutas in Telangana and was robbing the people of the state vertically. Bandi Sanjay said that Union Minister Amit Shah had come to sing the anthem for KCR irregularities and that with the blessings of Modi-Shah leadership and Bhagyalakshmi Amma, a Hindu state would be established in Telangana and therefore all the people should please vote for BJP. He delivered a keynote address at a BJP public meeting in Thukkuguda (Maheshwaram), a suburb of Hyderabad. The meeting was held today in the backdrop of the end of the second installment of Bandi Sanjay Prajasangrama Yatra, which was attended by a large number of BJP workers, rank and file and people. What Sanjay said in Thukkuguda Sabha is in his words …

“I started the Prajasangrama Yatra with the aim of ignoring the assurances given by KCR and exposing how the people are being deceived and bringing the BJP to power in Telangana. I undertook the padayatra with the blessings of Bhagyalakshmi Amma on the orders of Anadu Amit Shah. Although I ran .. led by activists, the center is big. KCR family is looting Telangana. We are turning to protect the people. All the people are fed up with KCR. People all over Telangana are chanting Modi-BJP.

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The KCR-led TRR is an evil party that has captured the Panchabhutas. People’s lands were plundered in the name of Dharani. Running the land and sand mafia. If he is in the green. How Sri Lanka was degraded by a family rule .. Kalvakutla rule continues in Telangana. KCR has borrowed lakhs in the name of everyone in Telangana. Like in Sri Lanka he finally puts the shell in his hand. We want elections to come as soon as people are beggars. KCR also deceived the people about water projects. Fearing the farmers that if they plant rice, it will be ure .. but he will cultivate paddy.

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When BJP comes to power in Telangana .. we will build pucca houses for all the homeless poor. We will work on that under the Prime Minister’s Awas Yojana. Also, we will release the job calendar and create large scale jobs for the unemployed. We will reduce petrol and diesel prices. We support farmers through crop insurance. Free education and free medical care were guaranteed during the first public campaign. Now let’s sum up these guarantees and show them.

The fools who knelt on the tomb of Aurangzeb have no right to be on the soil of Telangana. The TRS-MIM-Congress party is the only one of the three. To whom Otesina seems to have gone three. Congress has no capacity to compete. Guntanakka parties are coming to contest as one. Like the same lion, the BJP faces everyone as a single.

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You have already seen the rule of Congress and TRS. We want the people .. Give us a chance once .. Please .. Please win the BJP once .. Our activists are facing non-bailable cases .. All other parties have given a chance to everything. Give mercy to BJP this time .. Bring Narendra Modi rule in Telangana .. ” said Bandi Sanjay.

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Earlier, Union Minister Kishan Reddy, while addressing a rally in Thukkuguda, lashed out at the TRS leaders. ” Come face to face? Do you know Ambedkar will go anywhere as per the constitutionally given right. Any KCR family in Telangana Jagira? Does anyone come here? Telangana came with 1200 casualties and three and a half crore people fighting. And not just for the Kalwakuntla family. Should Indian Home Minister come to Hyderabad with KCR permission? Is this the kingdom of the Nizam? Here, too, Ambedkar was driven by the constitution. That may be why KCR .. repeatedly says to change the constitution. BJP is roaming in Telangana. For the last seven and a half years, the Modi-led Center has done a lot for Telangana. We will explain everything to the people and fight against KCR.

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It has been 10 years since Dalit was made the Chief Minister .. at least for now .. of course TRS will win but TRS will declare Dalit as CEO? The Dalit bandh is still circling among the pink flags. It has been years since the world was scared to give free fertilizer to farmers .. they have no jade. The Kalvakuntla family is the reason why the tribals in Telangana do not get reservation. But fraudulently showing the center guilty. The Majlis party is ignoring the tribals saying that Kummakkai is a minority reservation .. ” said Kishan Reddy.

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