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Agricultural revolution in the district: The use of drones was promoted IV news

  • Now the problem of farm laborers will be solved
  • Farmers will be happy, health-environment will also be preserved
  • The use of drone technology in agriculture will solve the problem of farm labour

Shriganesh of drone technology was done at Kukadgam of Dabhoi taluk of the district. The government will also help to promote drone technology. MLA Shailesh Mehta and District Panchayat President Ashokbhai R Patel (Por) reiterated this in a formal lecture. The income of the farmers will also double with the reduction in cost of crop production.

District Agriculture Officer Nitinbhai Vasava added that it is the government’s aim to facilitate the spraying of nano urea. Under this plan, the benefits of drone technology will be made available to the agriculture currently done on 1500 acres of land.

Spray 1 hectare in 20 minutes

With the use of drone technology, 25 liters of water can be sprayed on 1 hectare of land in 20 minutes. So, farmers’ time, energy, agricultural expenses will be saved. The government has also provided Rs.35 crore to help the farmers. The use of drones in the agricultural sector will save foreign exchange.

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