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A single Andhra girl in Tirupati.. an American boy IV News

GT Hemanth Kumar, News18, Tirupati

Love does not need caste, religion or region. Two minds together.. Two feelings are enough. Even those across the seven seas live together. These days even countries do not stand in the way of love. It is enough to trust the other person. Our country is not working.. our language is not working. It is to be one with the three-pronged bond. Usually we hear the word America girl. Andhra boy. But here the scene is reversed. Our Andhra girl, who went to America for work, brought her son-in-law for her parents from there. At first, her parents were shocked by what the girl did.. Then they invited the son-in-law cordially. According to our tradition, she was married and sent to America as a daughter-in-law.

If we go into the details… T.Harshavi, the daughter of Jayachandra Reddy and Rajeshwari from Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, completed her B.Tech and got a job at Athena Health in Boston, USA. Rachu used to talk as both of them were working in the same company. Thus the views of the two met. One day they decided to like each other.

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The love in America story has just started. Both of them became close enough to leave each other. Both decided to be together for the rest of their lives. They convinced the elders of their love. As both the families agreed, the wedding took place in Tirupati according to the Telugu tradition. Although initially the wedding was planned to be held in America, then Harshavi’s parents insisted that the wedding should be held here on their own hands.

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With this, the boy, Frank, along with his family members, ended up in Tirupati. Harshavi’s family members showed their respects to the parents. The wedding was attended by the groom’s father Scott Bushard, mother Anna Bushard, the groom’s younger brother and his wife. All dressed in traditional Telugu attire. And in the presence of everyone, an American boy and an Andhra girl got married. Moreover, the handover program was also organized and he was sent as a daughter-in-law of America.

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