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A branch of the Supreme Court should be arranged in the request of Chennai CM Stalin IV News

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin demanded.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin attended and addressed the Silver Ceremony of Tamil Nadu State Human Rights Commission held at Kalaivanar Arena in Chennai today. While he was speaking, I would also like to present some of my demands in this program in which judges of Supreme Court and High Court can participate.

Keeping in view the interest of the public and lawyers, arrangements should be made to set up a branch of the Supreme Court in Chennai. Tamil should be made the language of proceedings in the Madras High Court.

These are the demands of the people under the rule of law. These demands were presented by me a few months back at an event of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. However, I would like to emphasize and remind them here again. On behalf of all of you, I request the honorable judges who have come here to take him to Tamil Nadu.

I hope the judges will know that I am here as a petitioner as far as the judiciary is concerned. The government of the people can only be a government of law – a government of justice – and a government of social justice.

We are running a Dravidian model of government which embodies the social justice philosophy of “everything for all”. We know that not only do people need it today, but mainly justice. Global economic genius Amartya Sen says. In his book The Idea of ​​Justice, he argues that both the creation of justice and the prevention of injustice are important. We are working to create such an environment.

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Arms give victory to the ruler; His rule is the perfect rule. We are promoting the welfare of Tamil people with a corrupt government. We continue to defend their rights.

In that regard, he requested the State Human Rights Commission to help in every way to build such a social justice society.

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