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2 lakh cash, 6 tola jewelry stolen from doctor’s house IV news

  • 3.92 lakh stolen in Rivervilla on Khamdhrol Road
  • The doctor slept upstairs and the traffickers were busy downstairs
  • Police started investigation with the help of FSL and dog squad

A complaint has been lodged in the taluka police station that smugglers stole property worth 3.92 lakhs last night from the house of a doctor working in Junagadh Civil Hospital. Dr. Prithviraj Singh Chandrasingh Vaghela U.43, who has been working as a doctor in the Department of Forensic Medicine at Junagadh Civil Hospital for the last 7 years, has lodged a complaint with the Taluka Police about the theft of Rs. Yes, Premvan Plot No. 46, 47 stands alone in Rivervilla on Junagadh Khamdhrol Road. Last night at 10.15 hours, he went to sleep on the upper floor of the house. When I came down at six o’clock in the morning, I found out that the house had been stolen.

The smugglers stole the Nakucha by unscrewing it

By opening the screw of the inner side of the main door of the house, the smugglers entered and took gold ornaments from the box kept under the TV including four VTs of two and a half tola gold (75 thousand), a gold chain of half a tola (20 thousand), a gold Rudraksh necklace of one and a half tola (45 thousand) and one and a half tola of gold. A gold chain (45 thousand) and gold jewelery worth 1.85 lakhs were missing. And the stuff was scattered. When it came to light that 2.07 lakh cash kept in the cupboard safe in the inner room was also stolen by the smugglers, they informed the police about this and the taluka police filed a complaint and started investigation with the help of FSL, Dog Squad. From 10 pm to 6 am, the smugglers stole and left.

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